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About Actors First Agency

Elicia Walker is proud to announce the opening of her new agency, Actors First!  Actors First represents actors for film, television, voice-overs, commercials, multi-media and corporate videos.


The agency is dedicated to working with union and non-union actors, to help with their marketability, and making sure they reach their potential.  The agency’s mission is to have an ensemble of actors.  This means about 75 well trained actors with experience and dedication. Elicia does not want a lot of actors on her roster.  She wants to be able to give her attention to each individual actor she represents and does not want the actor to feel he gets lost in a multitude of actors represented by the same agency. She believes in supporting and coaching her actors so that they can achieve the best work possible. She is looking for actors who are unique, well trained and has experience. They can be union or non-union.


Elicia Walker has been a member of ACTORS EQUITY, AFTRA and SAG. She was raised in Seattle and started acting in semi and professional theatre when she was in her teens. She went to college in San Diego, CA. and received her B.F.A. in acting. While she was there she worked at the Old Globe theatre and smaller fringe theatres. After a while she got tired of the sun and got home sick for the Northwest. She came home and worked at the Seattle Repertory Theatre on the main stage and then toured and taught for two seasons. She also worked at the Empty Space Theatre, Bathhouse Theatre and then again toured part of the country and Bermuda in a 1950’s revue where she was the funny girl in the mix of glamorous show girls. When the tour ended, she realized she never wanted to see another feather or rhinestone again. She decided to concentrate on commercials and voice – overs. She did national commercials and voice over work that played up and down the west coast.


She then realized she wanted to be an agent and went to work for two agencies before she went out on her own. She had her agency for ten years. She left the business to take a long rest, re-group and take a look at other perspectives other than theatre. She went back to college and got her Masters and is now about to finish her Doctorate.  Elicia kids around a lot and says she just wants to be called Doctor once in her life. After a long time of studying, a very long time of studying, it became apparent to her that what she loved most was working with actors who were dedicated to their work, and helping them see their potential come to fruition. She does not believe in barriers in casting and would love to see more risks taken with casting.  She was asked by a few of her former actors to open another agency, and here she is. Opening Actors First Agency.


While she is dedicated to her actors, she also is dedicated to her clients. She is known to give the client the right actors at the right time and will not waste their time. Clients trust her opinion about actors.


This agency is an act of love, and she is excited to be representing actors again.

Please see Actors page for info on submitting headshot and resumes.


Please email your photo and resume to

Also, please (snail) mail your head shot and resume to:

Elicia Walker 3417,  Suite 213 Evanston Avenue North  Seattle, WA 98103


Representing Union and Non-Union Actors! For Film, Commercials, Corporate Videos, Voice-Overs & Multimedia

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